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Lucerne, also called alfalfa, is one of the oldest recorded feed plants in history. The Persians fed it to their horses 500 B.C. Today, lucerne is often added to müsli mixes to provide structure. However, it is also an important horse feed by itself due to its valuable protein, ß-carotene, vitamins and minerals.

Lucerne is an ideal concentrate feed for horses used in breeding and sport as well as for young horses. An advantage to lucerne is that, unlike cereal feeds, it doesn’t put strain on the horse’s digestive tract and metabolism while providing sufficient energy.

Furthermore, lucerne’s high calcium content balances the phosphorus levels that occur in a cereal-rich diet and thus restore equilibrium to the calcium:phosphorous ratio. The calcium contained in lucerne is an important building block for healthy bone growth in young horses and helps to prevent bone damage in sport horses and working horses.

The whole plant undergoes a gentle drying and processing, allowing it to retain its nutrients and vitamins.  
  • Natural feed for horses with high energy requirements
  • Rich in protein (amino acids)
  • Optimises the calcium:phosphorous ratio in high-cereal feeds
  • No molasses, dust or binding agents
  • Cobs diameter: 9 mm
  • ADMR compliant

  • as supplementation to and for enhancement of the basic feed
  • as substitute for concentrated feed respectively grain
  • as supplier of protein and energy for breeding and sport horses as well as for growing horses
  • as supplier of essential fatty acids
fold in

Feeding Recommendation

  • for enhancement of basic feed: 300 to 500 g per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • as grain substitute: 1.2 kg substitute 1 kg of grain
  • as feed for sport and breeding horses: 500 to 800 g per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • introduce new feed gradually
AGROBS® recommends softening the cobs through soaking.

As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


Single feed for horses, ingredients:
complete alfalfa plant from Bavarian cultivation

Analytical components:
Crude protein 13.60 % Zinc 24.00 mg/kg
Crude oils and fats 2.10 % Manganese 57.30 mg/kg
Crude fibre 27.30 % Copper 5.00 mg/kg
Crude ash 8.80 % Selenium 0.15 mg/kg
Calcium 1.22 % Vitamin E 87.50 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.28 % β-Carotene 34.00 mg/kg
Magnesium 0.21 % Lysine 0.49 %
Chloride 0.18 % Methionine 0.17 %
Sodium 0.01 % Cystine 0.06 %
Potassium 2.18 % Threonine 0.45 %
Sulphur 0.15 % Digestible energy 8.00 DE MJ/kg
Starch 0.81 % Metabolisable energy 6.40 ME MJ/kg
Sugar 6.70 % Prececal dig. crude protein 9.20 %
Fructan 2.80 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.

The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Status 01/2023

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